The Catholic University of America
If Your Job Involves Training You Need
Use of chemicals (paints, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, cleaning agents, etc.)

SCHOOLS/DEPARTMENTS: Architecture, art, biology, chemistry, drama shop, engineering, music shop, nursing, physics, VSL
- Hazard communication/lab safety

- Using personal protective equipment
Using radiation generating devices or radioactive materials

DEPARTMENTS: Biology, physics, VSL
- Radiation safety
Woodworking, shop activities

SCHOOLS/DEPARTMENTS: Architecture, art, drama shop, music shop
- Using personal protective equipment
Handling blood or body fluids

DEPARTMENTS: Biology, nursing
- Bloodborne pathogens
Wearing a respirator

- Respirator training

Using lasers

SCHOOL/DEPARTMENTS: Chemistry, engineering, physics, VSL

Driving University Owned, Rented or Leased Vehicles

- Laser safety



- Safe Driver Training