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Contractor Safety Guide

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Electrical Safety

Ensure all contracted personnel performing electrical work are licensed as required per the DC Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs.  Electrical work shall be conducted in accordance with NFPA 70E.

Locate all power lines before doing any digging. In work areas where the exact location of underground power lines cannot be determined, make sure that employees using hand- digging tools (jack-hammers, bars, etc.) wear necessary protective apparel. Have an assured equipment grounding conductor program for electrical equipment and installations used to provide electric power and light at a job site. Designate one or more competent persons to implement the program, and MAKE AVAILABLE AT CUA'S REQUEST A COPY OF YOUR WRITTEN PROGRAM AND RECORDS OF TESTS required by the standard.

Use lockout/tagout procedures as necessary for equipment and machinery prior to servicing.

Do not run cable and power supply cords across aisles or corridors, creating a tripping hazard. Hang cords overhead where possible to reduce traffic cutting or fraying the cords.


29 CFR 1910.269; 29 CFR 1926, Subpart K; NFPA 70E