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Contractor Safety Guide

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Blasting and the Use of Explosives

Prior to projects involving the use of blasting or explosives, submit thorough plans detailing procedures to CUA's Environmental Health & Safety department for review and approval. Only persons qualified by training and authorized to do so may handle and use explosives. To ensure safety, use every reasonable precaution including, but not limited to, visual and audible warning signals, signs, flags, or barricades.  Also take precautions to prevent accidental discharge of electric blasting caps from current induced by radar, radio transmitters, lightning, adjacent power lines, dust storms, or other sources of extraneous electricity.

Account for all explosives at all times. Report missing explosives to the Office of Public Safety at (202) 319-5111 as soon as the loss is discovered.


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29 CFR 1910.251-256;

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