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Mission of Environmental Health and Safety

Our mission is to assist CUA to:

  1. Maintain a safe and healthy place to learn, work and visit.

  2. Operate in a manner that protects our environment.

  3. Comply with applicable federal and District of Columbia codes and regulations.

EHS News & Announcements

DC Fire Marshal Conducting University Safety Audits

The Office of the Fire Marshal, University Fire Safety Inspections continue in progress. The audits are part of the International Code Council and DC regulatory requirements for institutions of higher learning. Refer to the Fire Safety Program webpage for further information.  


Chemical Inventory

It is the time of year to collect and organize an inventory of all chemcials in the workplace. The inventory fulfills the University's requirement to comply with the following regulations: OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, The District of Columbia Fire Department, EPA EPCRA Community Right-to-Know Act, and the Department of Homeland Security. The inventories from each department are compiled by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and made available to the University, the DC Fire Chief, and the Local Emergency Planning Committee. Items required for the inventory include chemicals such as paints, adhesives, cleaning agents, solvents, pesticides, petroleum products, compressed gases, chemicals used in laboratory setting or photography, and any other material that would require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

The inventory will include the chemcial/common name, manufacturer's name, location of chemical, the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, and the quantity stored with assoicated units. EH&S would like to remind the department members to check the expiration dates on the bottles as well as the condition of cans and/or containers of chemicals. If the chemical has expired or if you no longer have use for the chemical, EH&S will properly dispose of the chemical for you. Please contact your department's Chemical Hygiene Officer and they will arrange for EH&S to make a pick-up.

The completed inventory from your department is due to EHS on or before February 14, 2014. Please use e-mail for transmittal of completed inventories on the provided spreadsheet to EHS. Please contact Jaclyn Gold with any questions or concerns at


Reminder to Drivers of University Vehicles

Students, staff and faculty who drive university vehicles are reminded of the District of Columbia's Engine Anti-Idling Law, which prohibits idling for more than three minutes when vehicles are stopped, standing or parked.  This time limit is raised to five minutes only when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Attention FMO Staff Using Extension Ladders

Consider the new mobile application from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for convenient help on safely setting up and using extension ladders.  The free app can be downloaded here for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.




Upcoming Dates

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    Academic Safety Committee Meeting


    Louis Alar

    Director, Environmental Health & Safety

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